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Da Hood Codes – Roblox – July 2021

by Rys Corp

All the valid Da Hood Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games by Da Hood Entertainment – We will inform you of the latest codes, their deadlines, and the free rewards that you can get with them

Da Hood Codes – Full List

We will inform you of the latest codes, their deadlines, and the free rewards that you can get with them

Valid & Active Codes

There are currently no valid codes

We have not yet been able to enjoy any codes in Da Hood, and the Da Hood Entertainment game was released in January 2019. There are many games that decide not to include codes. Although there are also those, who at some point decide to make a gift in the form of a code to their community. So if at any time the creators decide, we will be the first to notify you, and we will include the codes in our list.

Da Hood Social Media Channels, where they announce new codes:

  • Twitter:
  • Discord: Da Hood
  • Youtube:
  • Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4698921/Da-Hood-Entertainment#!/about

Expired codes

All the codes are valid and can be redeemed, so this list

Da Hood Codes – How to Redeem?

The redemption codes system is not available right now, we will update this guide if the developers include the codes again

Here, in this video tutorial, you can learn to redeem codes (video by youtuber Gaming Dan)

How to play Da Hood? Roblox Game by Da Hood Entertainment

A difficult game, read below for tips.
Account has to be at least 10 days to play.

[PC/XBOX Controls][F/ButtonY – Block][E/PadDown – Stomp][G/PadUp – Carry][LCTRL+ButtonB – Crouch]
Crouch+Carry = Ragdoll thrown.
You can weave 100% if you time at the right time when blocking.

To gain muscle buy weights at fitness.
Eat lettuce to reduce muscle.

Cop: To join cops go to the police station, if you execute anyone without cuffs you’ll be automatically kicked off. Use cuffs instead.

Criminals: Ransack banks and several others small time shops in order to gain wanted or cash.

Gun saves – however, can be lost by death, or logging when KO, or 0 ammo.

cash drop takes 30%

Game-Commands: “/e stats”

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