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Enter the Dungeon how to find Secret Rooms

by Rys Corp

Enter the Dungeon how to find Secret Rooms – Learn to find secret rooms, you just need some time and your starting gun

Enter the Dungeon how to find Secret Rooms?

Use your starting gun to find secret rooms. If you shoot a wall and the bullet impact is orange circles (as if you shot a light) then there’s a secret room behind it (use L2 R2 to access). Typically rooms with nothing surrounding them have secret areas. Every floor has a secret area and a secret dungeon, but secret dungeons can not be accessed with a blank. Shoot walls and see if the impact is orange circles, then if you want you can use another gun to reveal a crack. Then use a blank.

Video Guide

If you want to check how it looks, in this video guide (by Jay R) you will see the orange circles that warn us that there is a secret room behind


Secret Rooms can contain

  • Hearts
  • Keys
  • Armor
  • Blanks
  • Ammo
  • Glass Guon Stones
  • Chests
  • Shrines
  • NPCs, such as:
    • Old Red
    • Cursula
    • Professor Goopton
    • Flynt
    • Trorc
    • Winchester
    • The Lost Adventurer
    • Ser Manuel
    • Witches (Secret rooms exclusive)
    • Old Man (Secret rooms exclusive)
    • Brother Albern (Secret rooms exclusive)
  • High Dragunfire (Secret rooms exclusive)
  • Evil Munchers
  • Messages
  • Blobulonian Army Notes

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